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Initiative on Security Issues of the IPv6 Protocol

Support for IPv6 is spreading at an accelerated rate in network devices and Internet connection service menus. Today, an environment in which IPv6 can be used is becoming increasingly commonplace. From the perspective of network administration including security, IPv6 comes with features that need to be handled with an approach that differs from IPv4.


Report on Security Issues of Web Application Using HTML5

HTML5 is a specification of a markup language which is under development by WHATWG and W3C as the next generation of HTML standard. HTML5 and its peripheral technologies enable us to develop more flexible and convenient website than using the conventional HTML4. It allows us to store data within the visitor's browser (Web Storage), enables full-duplex communication between the visitor's browser and web servers(WebSocket) and obtain location information of the visitor(Geolocation). However, verifications and awareness-raising on how attackers may exploit these new features have yet to be properly performed.


Research Report on IT Security Inoculation

Targeted email attacks, where malware attached emails and the like are sent to specific companies, organizations or individuals, are recently emerging.

The research has revealed that targeted email attacks do indeed exist and that education and trainings based on inoculation methods prove effective to a certain level.