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About JVN

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What is JVN

JVN, which stands for Japan Vulnerability Notes, is a portal site on IT product vulnerability information handled in the Japanese framework called "The Information Security Early Warning Partnership". It provides detail information on each vulnerability including a summarized description, affected products, possible impacts, solutions, vendor statements, and reference documents.

JVN service

The service of JVN in Japanese and English started on July, 2004 and May 2008 respectively. It has been developed and maintained by JPCERT/CC and IPA/ISEC in cooperation with product developers who are registered as a POC vendor.

Please see the PDF for further details on JVN (PDF:589KB) (PGP sign)

Press Release: English Version of JVN and JVN iPedia Released (PDF:191KB) (PGP sign)

Copyright Policy

You can make a link to the JVN website in your web pages. However, for our future reference we ask you to notify us if you intend to redistribute or use an excerpt from JVN.
* For further information, please contact jvn@jvn.jp