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Message from the Board Chairman

Recent innovations in information processing technology and increased internetworking have catapulted the information revolution beyond the walls of research institutions, academia and industrial circles, ushering the informatization process into every field of human endeavor in both the public and private sectors. Without the benefit of telecommunications and data communications systems, Japanese society, and the economy upon which it is built, could no longer function. There is real concern, therefore, that the failure of these communications systems, for whatever reason, would create grave social problems.

A case in point is the growing number of incidents in recent years involving the unauthorized access of computer systems linked to the lnternet. The damage resulting from these intrusions has the potential for becoming extremely widespread the larger the lnternet becomes, creating the need for urgent measures. And yet, due to the vast size and openness of the Internet, a different approach to security is called for, one which relies heavily on close coordination and cooperation among relevant organization. In response to this situation, the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center(JPCERT/CC) was established in October 1996.

JPCERT/CC is an independent organization set up for the primary purpose of responding to computer security incidents. To ensure smooth response to incident reports from affected sites, the Center cooperates closely with computer system administrators at network sites, as well as with supporting service providers and equipment vendors. The Center also sponsors technology and security training activities, and engages in proactive measures designed to increase awareness and understanding of computer security issues. We ask that you familiarize yourself with JPCERT/CC and its activities, and solicit your cooperation and support for the Center's operation.

Kazumasa Utashiro
Board Chairman, JPCERT/CC