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Incident Response and Analysis

The recent trend of security incidents are that the incidents spread extensively and rapidly. The technique used by the attackers or intruders is becoming more and more complex. JPCERT/CC's computer security incident response team (CSIRT) provides technical support for those who report security problems by responding in the following manner:

  • - Based on information provided by the affected sites, JPCERT/CC assesses the damage;
  • - Identifies the vulnerabilities; and
  • - Provides relevant technical information.

In addition, a weekly and quarterly report on incident response and analysis and other relevant computer security information are sent via email and made available at the website.

Security Alert

JPCERT/CC gathers computer security related information and provides a security alert and advisory message to prevent attacks on domestic organizations networks as well as to prevent the impact of such attacks from becoming widespread. A weekly report, contains potential threats and advisory message on how to avoid or minimize the damage caused by incidents or vulnerabilities, is sent to the constituencies via email.

Coordination with other CSIRTs

Being the first CSIRT formed in Japan, JPCERT/CC established close relations with many CSIRTs not only in the Asia and Pacific region but also in other regions. The coordination and collaboration with those CSIRTs is crucial as the Internet technology is used all over the world.

Vendor Coordination

In order to avoid, minimize, or recover from the damage effectively and efficiently, the coordination with the vendors that might affect the security of Internet is important. JPCERT/CC shares information with domestic vendors and helps distribute the vulnerability information in a timely manner.

Education & Training

JPCERT/CC provides education and training related to network security, computer security incident, vulnerability and their trends to increase awareness of security issues and helps learn more about network security through seminars, workshops, and internships. Additionally, various technical advisories, reports, and other documents are available at the website.

Research & Analysis

The computer incidents are becoming increasingly serious and difficult to identify. The speed that an incident spread also became faster. JPCERT/CC engages in research and analysis to find a better way to prevent an attack or limit the damage from the attack.