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Incident Handling Status

About the Incident Handling Status

JPCERT/CC receives incident reports via e-mail, FAX and the Web form.
This page is updated daily with the JPCERT/CC incident handling status.

* The numbers listed on this page are preliminary values.

Number of Cases Reported to JPCERT/CC

Change in the number of cases reported

Category of Incidents Currently being handled

JPCERT/CC categorizes the incidents that it receives and handles them accordingly. The number of cases currently being coordinated per category are listed. (Incidents that have been coordinated and handled already are not included)

Percentage by Incident Category

Phishing Sites Information Currently Being Handled

The following is the number of phishing sites that JPCERT/CC is currently handling and coordinated to be taken down. The counts are tallied by business sector. This is a total of the phishing sites currently being coordinated for take down (Phishing sites that are no longer operating as a result of coordination are not included)

Number of Phishing Sites by Business Sector
Number of Days for a Phishing Site to be Taken Down (Last Week)

The following is the number of days that it took for a phishing site to be taken down JPCERT/CC took part in the coordination.